Music is Rolling Hills by Sir Cubworth.

Realtime VFX for Guild Wars 2

MTX Mounts

Some more mount FX from early 2019.  The Shimmerwing Dragon model was made by Kate Pfeilschiefter.  The Fire Warclaw by Chris Bennet. The Branded Warclaw by Pete Egbers.  And the Liquid Metal Jackal by Samantha Rogers.


Earthshaker Tool

FX for the earthshaker mining tool.

Radiant light Boot and Glove FX

FX for radiant light boots and gloves. The model was created by Jason Kim.

Chair FX

FX for chairs when they appear and disappear.

Crystal Material

A material I made for a screen overlay effect for Living World Season 4 episode 3.

Norn Mount Pack FX

Baby Springer FX

Models done by Chelsea Mills,

Enchanted Winter Antlers

Model by Jason Kim.

Choya Mining Tool

Animation and models by the Arenanet team.

Thunderstrike Harvesting Tool

Firestorm Logging Tool

Aura Gem Outfit VFX

Model was created by Mia Kim. I worked on the vfx as well as the material for the crystal portion of the outfit.

Sand Souled Griffon Mount Skin VFX

The skin model and texturing was done by Nate Baerwald.

Mad Realm Mounts Pack VFX

The skin model and texturing was done by Samantha Rogers


Aspect Crowns

The model for the crowns were done by Jason Kim.



Primeval Roller Beetle

The model was done by Nestor Villegas II.


Iceberg and Electric Skimmer

The model was done by Nestor Villegas II. Effects are a mixture of ice themed effects I did, along with the default ground effects, done by another artist.


Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 4: Episode 3

Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 4: Episode 2

Guild Wars 2: Gizmos

Some gizmos done for Guild Wars 2. The Lunar New Year 2018 lantern and some PVP reward gizmos. Most textures were used from existing in-house textures. Props were taken from existing 3D models done by other artists. I worked on the VFX and animations.

Other Gizmos:

Guild Wars 2: Revenant Underwater Skills

Underwater skills for the Revenant’s Trident weapon. Also, the underwater version of “Inspiring Reinforcements”.

Work was based on existing content, with the fx modified in pacing, texturing, and color in order to match the Revenant. Inspiring Reinforcements’ brick material was made by me using the game’s engine tools.