Shortcuts: FBX Baking and Animation Layer Control ScriptCartoony Rig – In Progress | Facial Rigging – Emotions Test 2 | Facial Rigging – Emotions Test 1 | Basic Humanoid Rig | Merry Facial Rigging | Merry Stretchy Rig | IK Rigging Script

FBX Baking and Layer Control Script

A script I made for thesis. The menu on the left is the menu that controls the baking and saving of a single animation or multiple batch animations. The right menu is what I made to faster control the layers being used. It’s done with mel.




Cartoony Rig – In Progress


Here is a work in progress rig I’m working on with a character a friend has graciously let me borrow. Geoff’s website can be seen here: http://geoffkaiser.weebly.com/

My goal for this project is to make a cartoony character that can use cartoony animation like deformations and bring them into the Unreal Engine. I plan on experimenting with both morph targets and alembic. The control rig is also an experiment for me, using shapes instead of curves to control the rig, so that the animator can better see what they are deforming.


Facial Rigging – Emotions Test 2

An update for my thesis rig. I also have many more images and descriptions of my process on the blog here: http://rollcharacter.wordpress.com/

Neutral face vs face with normal map wrinkles.


Facial Rigging – Emotions Test 1

The old range of motion test in Maya. For more pictures and information, see this blog post.


Basic Humanoid Rig

Another rig from an earlier class. The model is copyrighted Gearbox Software and 2K Games.


Merry Facial Rigging

A rig from a class, this video is focused on the face rigging. The model is used with permission from merryproject.com.


Merry Stretchy Rig

Stretchy rig test. Used courtesy of the Merry Project. http://www.meryproject.com/merydown


IK Rigging Script

A simple IK rigging script done with Python.