I am a VFX artist with an emphasis on the technical side of things. I’m currently living in the Seattle, WA area and working as an FX Intern at ArenaNet. My career goal is to focus on VFX in high-quality 3D video games and research new methods to push the medium forward technologically and aesthetically.  I also have a love of technical art and started out as an artist who was interested in both painting and programming. I originally came to Washington with the goal of becoming a technical artist and when I was introduced to publicly available game engines like the Unreal Engine and Unity3D, I quickly discovered a passion for VFX and material creation.

My favorite game genres are RPGs, but I also love adventure, action, puzzle, and first-person shooters. I love nature and science and most of my artwork is centered around that. I also love reading science fiction and fantasy, playing the violin, and watching cartoons. If you’d like to contact me, email here.

I also have an art station.

And my Linkedin is here.